Short Summary in English

My homepage is like a play in six acts with an interact between acts four and five. The homepage tells about the dollhouses that have been part of my life.

Act 1 tells about my first dollhouse that I got after WW II, a very poor, wooden box, furnished with squares and cubes. This did not inspire me to play with it, so a friend of my father's crafted a set of furniture for it. However, I was not allowed to play with the furniture because it was too delicate for my fingers.
The furniture was kept and was later on part of my son's Lundbyhouse and is now part of The Big House.

Act 2 tells about the huge dollhouse that my parents gave me in the early 50's. I was allowed to play with it at Christmas holydays only because the "giants" took too much space in our dining room. Now, many years later in 2010 the two items moved to a toy-museum.

Act 3 tells about the Lundbyhouse (made in Sweden) that was given to my son in which to put his Playmobil-family. Later on, I took it over with my own dolls and furniture but I very quickly found out that it was too small for all the nice things I wanted to put in. So I changed the house's character into a shop where to buy antiques and fabrics. The Lundby moved also to the museum in 2010.

Act 4 tells about The Big House that I built between 1995 and 1996. After a topping-out-ceremony with the architect, an odd hand and building owners (!), I decorated The Big House within the following years. Guess, what happened 2010: The Big House moved to the museum too! 

The Interact (Zwischenspiel) tells about stitching carpets and dressing "naked" dolls, (look at the girls and the boy 1. Akt, 2. Akt......) which I thought would be an inspirational pause for me.

Act 5 tells about my project, the Café "At Betsy's" in the ground floor and Betsy's flat above it. Building and decorating took me more than three years. You can’t find the stairs, pergola with it’s scrollwork, wintergarden, dormer window, some furniture and a good deal of the windows in your catalogues. I planned them during sleepless nights and so they were homemade by myself. It’s not too difficult. My friends can attest to that because they were “taught” by me to make windows one day in June, 2002.
Meanwhile the Cafè also followed The Big House to the museum in Weiler, where it found it's place in the museum's café.

Act 6, the B&B is ready now since Christmas 2014. It offers six guestrooms, a delicious breakfast and a cosy atmosphere in the main-lobby and the lobbies in the different floors. When I made the plan for this house I wanted to make sure that smokers are not forced to smoke in the lane, therefore each guestroom has it's own small balcony.

I hope you can get along with my homepage and all the small and large galleries.



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